Jens Heider


Jens Heider

Dr. Jens Heider, Dipl. Inform., 2002 diploma in computer science from University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany. He joined Fraunhofer SIT the same year and has been working in the department Secure Mobile Systems analyzing all aspects of mobile security for services and wireless networks.
      Since 2004 he has been leading SIT's Security Test Lab as a technical manager. Research fields include security analysis and threat assessment for communication systems and cooperation systems based on hardware and software. In 2011 he completed his PhD on ubiquitous personal information management. Since 2012 he leads the department Testlab Mobile Security.

Areas of expertise:
Software security testing, web security, mobile security

Research interests:
Improving test methodology for mobile operating systems and apps; secure integration of smartphones and tablets in enterprise environments and processes


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