If you are interested in our services, as well as for general inquiries, please contact


for software security:
Ph.D. Lotfi ben Othmane [more]
+49 (0)6151 869 510

for mobile security:
Dr. Jens Heider [more]
+49 (0)6151 869 233

Address and Travel Directions

We have offices in Darmstadt, St. Augustin and Berlin. Consult the travel directions page on our main Web site for the addresses and further information for all three locations.


We do not have a standard price list and we do not quote prices without understanding what our task will be. Therefore we first determine your needs by talking to you. This initial consultation is free of charge. In some cases it can be done by telephone and e-mail but we prefer to have a meeting. After the consultation you will get an offer that describes our service in detail and quotes a price. You may request that we sign a non- disclosure agreement.

Please Consider

Fraunhofer SIT is a research lab. While we appreciate industry cooperation and contract work, we are primarily interested in projects that are compatible with our objective of doing great research. To avoid disappointment, lease consider the following checklist:
  • Are you interested in an in-depth security assessment of an IT product or service, and willing to spend the time and resources required for it?
  • Has the target that you would like us to test an assess some novel and interesting aspect to it? Interesting aspects can be for instance novel technology, non-standard security requirements, or unusual environments or constraints.
  • Do all established and emerging security standards seem inappropriate for your intended target of security assessment?
  • Does your product represent an emerging trend or technology that may shape the future of information technology?
If you can honestly answer yes to one or multiple of these questions, please contact us. If not, or if you are unsure, you will be welcome as well. However, please do not be disappointed if we decline your request in this case.

We Don't:

  • Pentest general web sites. To be interesting for us, your site has to have some novel or unusual aspect to it.
  • Issue Common Criteria certificates. We can help you with preparation and finding a lab, though, if your case seems interesting.
  • Take gifts in exchange for certificates.
  • Sell bugs that we found to security companies.
  • Sell shrink-wrapped security tools to our customers.
  • Knowingly build doomsday devices.

Further Information