Mobile Security Team

The mobile security team specializes on mobile devices, networks, and platforms.

Jens Heider
Phone: +49(0)6151/869-233
Rachid El Khayari
Phone: +49(0)6151/869-370
Matthias Ritscher
Phone: +49(0)6151/869-313
Jan-Peter Stotz
Phone: +49(0)6151/869-200

Software Security Team

The software security team specializes on software and application security throughout the life cycle.

Philipp Holzinger
Phone: +49(0)6151/869-215
Andreas Poller
Phone: +49(0)6151/869-170
Jan Steffan
Phone: +49(0)6151/869-261
Stefan Triller
Phone: +49(0)6151/869-208
Sven Türpe
Phone: +49(0)6151/869-238