Siniša Ðukanović


Siniša Ðukanović holds a diploma in computer science. He studied at the Technical University of Darmstadt, focusing on software engineering, network technologies and IT security. He acquired his diploma in July 2006 with a thesis about software application architecture analysis and joined Fraunhofer SIT as a researcher. At the Security Testlab, he conducts IT security analysis on various hard- and software. He was also a team member in several European and national research projects, and worked on identity and rights management with embedded systems at CASED. In the course of this work, he did research in the areas of identity management with physical uncloneable functions, public key infrastructures, software engineering, and mobile devices (smart phones and RFID tags).

Areas of expertise:
Security analysis, software engineering

Research interests:
Secure software engineering, security in mobile devices and embedded systems


Phone: +49(0)6151/869-60040

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