Matthias Ritscher


Matthias Ritscher, Dipl.-Ing., 2002 diploma in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany.
      He joined Fraunhofer SIT the same year and has been working in the department 'Secure Mobile Systems' analyzing and promoting solutions of mobile security for services and wireless networks. Since 2012 he is Vice Director of the Testlab Mobile Security offering mobile security evaluation and assessment services to customers along the whole mobile economic value creation chain.
      Matthias is a referee within the TeleTrusT Information Security Professional certification programme and furthermore certified as a TeleTrusT Information Security Professional.

Areas of expertise:
Mobile communication security, secure mobile network infrastructures, mobile device management, BlackBerry security, risk analyses

Research interests:
Enterprise mobilization, secure integration of business processes onto mobile devices, device management, privacy-aware location services


Phone: +49(0)6151/869-313

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