Sven Türpe


Sven is one of the founders of SIT’s security test lab. He received his diploma in computer science from the University of Leipzig in 2000 and joined Fraunhofer SIT the same year. Here, he gained experience both as a software developer and as a software tester. Sven likes to take things apart and juggle their parts. He looks good in suits.

Areas of expertise:

Software security testing, adversarial thinking, security evaluation and certification, banking security, cloud security, communication, inexhaustible source of unpleasant questions

Research interests:

Secure software engineering, threat models, security design models, security testing, usable security, security philosophy


Phone: +49(0)6151/869-238

PGP Key ID: 0x05C5FA9E
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also available: workshop presentation (.mp4 - slides and audio), slides (.pdf)

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also available: CSCW'17 slide deck

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auch online: Slides des Konferenzvortrags am 26.11.2015


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(see also our CSCW'17 paper for more detail)

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(see also our demonstration video)


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(superseded by Trust 2009 version)

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Middle Ages and Before

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