Security Engineering Tools

External labs are just one component in a comprehensive approach to security. Developers of IT systems need software engineering processes and tools throughout the development process:

  • Threat models and security requirements
  • Test cases, testing methods and testing platforms
  • Security and quality metrics
  • Simulation and modeling tools
  • Secure programming guides and processes

We tailor such tools to your specific needs, develop new designs in our research, and analyze existing collections of test cases.

What will work for you?

There are few standards for products. Security requirements are not universal. They depend on the kind of product, its customers' needs, on the technologies used, the assets to be protected and many other factors. Individualized approaches to testing and assurance are required. What works for one developer may be inappropriate for another.

Partial Automation

Based on our own lab experience we develop and customize security tools to fulfill your specific needs. Our general approach is partial automation. We do not believe in fully automated security testing. While automating what we can we keep the human tester in the loop. What we provide is guidance and assistance.

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