Security Assurance at Any Level

The Security Test Lab of Fraunhofer SIT employs a wide range of tools and methods to determine the security properties of systems and components. We are capable of black-box, grey-box and white-box testing in our lab environment as well as in your infrastructure. Besides technology we also assess and evaluate security management, business processes, usability and other aspects that have an impact on security. All evaluations start with an analysis of the specific security requirements. They are derived from an analysis of interfaces, assets, environment, threat and attacker models, and relevant standards. Results can be used immediately to improve your products or processes. If you prefer to do your own testing, we can support you with tools, criteria, frameworks and training.

Individualized Services

There are many security standards, but none of them comes close to capturing all the complexity of IT security. Individualized approaches are required to gain an advantage over the bad guys. Manufacturers need to supply innovative yet secure products under tight time and resource constraints. Their customers do not request security, they expect it. Corporate users build custom systems out of components that may have never been tested in their particular deployment scenario. Their business processes rely on IT and they are the first to suffer from security breaches or lack of regulatory compliance. Third parties such as administrative bodies or the media need independent security assessments that they can rely on. Everyone benefits from security evaluations that start with one question: What does secure mean in this particular situation? Well-understood requirements are the basis of any meaningful security test.

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