Mobile Security Services

Smartphones and tablets blur the line between phones and computers, increase utility and flexibility but may cause vulnerabilities. Therefore, the protection of mobile devices needs to be in balance with the security demand of the accessible assets.

Challenges for enterprises going mobile are

  • ensuring compliance and security
  • being informed about upcoming threats and counter measures
  • making users an effective part of protection measures

As a result, many solution providers and software developers of the mobile ecosystems have already identified security as a quality aspect and are looking for ways to increase their knowhow and prove their products' security claims. Data security and the trustworthiness of communications and transmitted information are key success factors for mobile business and government processes. It is the aim of the Testlab Mobile Security at Fraunhofer SIT to transfer security best practices in protecting smartphone platforms, apps and ecosystems for the benefit of all mobile market participants: users, service providers, network operators, manufacturers and suppliers.

Service Offer

From security analyses to long-term strategic partnerships, Testlab Mobile Security offers various forms of support for manufactures and users: concept consulting, testing, training, evaluation and assessment. Our service spectrum comprises:

Practical protection tests:
We perform security evaluations and penetration tests of apps and smartphones regarding necessary security features and security impacts in lab or production environments.
Configuration guidance:
We elaborate corporate-specific smartphone settings and protection mechanisms for IT security policy compliance and asset protection.
Smartphone lifecycle security:
We verify and improve corporate smartphone installations with holistic concepts for planning, deploying, managing up to secure displacement.
Mobile security audit:
We audit smartphone business integration together with related security concepts and evaluate remaining risks with corporate use cases.
Workflow Improvement:
We support enterprises in the efficient integration of smartphones into working environments by developing new use cases to support remote workers, team collaboration, logistics and on-site customer care.
Mobile information access:
We design and integrate protected channels to corporate data sources for mobile applications.
Awareness training:
We improve business security by training staff on remaining smartphone threats not remediable with technical measures.

Our Expertise

Integrating scientific research with consulting services, Testlab Mobile Security offers security evaluation and assessment services to customers along the mobile economic value creation chain. Our research targets efficient test methodology for current and upcoming mobile systems and environments. We are professionals in the field of iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone security, including their apps and ecosystems. We possess a strong understanding of security risks, trends, expectations and implementations across government, corporate enterprises and industries. Our experience in the area of information security enables us to perform efficient, organized, and effective IT security evaluations and assessments, with results that can be used directly for further development, system modification and maintenance. Based on our expertise we can provide independent advice on the experiences, trends and compliance in your industry segment and provide solutions that are tailored to your own specific technical and policy environment or needs.


Our expert knowledge on testing requirements, broad range of apps, mobile platforms and corporate infrastructure requirements, along with our security testing experience means that we can perform tests that give expressiveness, coverage and assurance. The benefits from our expertise are

  • Sophisticated hands-on evaluation and conceptual reviews allow us to provide holistic and dependable IT security statements to rely on
  • Manufacturers are informed of potential security problems in their products prior to public exposure and can ensure that a product addresses its requirements and functions correctly
  • Developers receive specific recommendations for secure product development.
  • Customers can be sure that the purchased mobile product or recommended configuration conforms to the expected security policy.
  • Our service facilitates security aware and aligned services, processes or devices, based on the technology solutions available that speak to your or your customers' specific needs or corporate requirements.

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