Penetration Testing

Is your security management effective or are you vulnerable? A penetration test can answer this question. It is an attack without dangerous consequences. Rather than exploiting your vulnerability, penetration testers will inform you and only you about their results.

Whatever is Critical to Your Business

Any system or network can be tested:

  • Security-critical enterprise applications
  • Your firewalls and DMZ setup
  • Private branch exchanges (PBX) and IP Telephony (VoIP) infrastructures
  • Critical infrastructure components such as directory or file servers
  • Wireless networks
  • Your entire IT infrastructure

Defining the scope of an individual test is up to you. We will be glad to support you with your planning.


For a penetration test to make sense it should be done after a
security management scheme has been adopted. You should be able to tell us what you are trying to protect and what the risks are that you need to mitigate. Otherwise the results will be somewhat arbitrary, and fixing random issues is unlikely to make you more secure.

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