Security Certification


Security certificates tell your customers more about your product or service. No matter how advanced your security assurance is, they have no easy means of comparing products with respect to security. A security certificate guides your customers by telling them that your product passed evaluation by an independent lab.

Extending Security Evaluation

Certification extends our Product security evaluation process. If, after the final assessment, we deem your product sufficiently secure to fulfill all requirements, we will issue a security certificate. If not, you will receive a list of issues that need to be fixed. Not all is lost in this case. To get certified, your product will have to pass reevaluation. If no major changes have been made in the course of fixing issues, reevaluation starts right with the testing step.

What You Get

This is what you get after your product successfully passed certification:

  • The detailed certification report.
    It remains up to you whether to publish it or not.
  • Signed paper and PDF copies of the 1-page certificate,
    which outlines the security claims supported by the certificate.
  • A smaller seal for use on your Web site and in publications.
  • An entry in our list of certificates on this Web site.
  • Optionally a whitepaper version of the certification report, outlining the security level and features of your product for the general public.

The security claims to be certified can be negotiated as far as we deem them meaningful.

What You Will not Get

We do not issue Common Criteria (CC) certificates. However, we do have a network of partners, some of which are accredited CC labs. Please contact us for more information.

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