Security Management Pre-Audit

IT-Security is an element to protect the values of companies. People, techniques and processes are parts of IT-Security, which are handled in so called Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). Several standards are dealing with Security Management. But we are oriented to the standard-familiy ISO 27000 especially to ISO 27001 and ISO 17999 (in the near future renamed to ISO 27002). Within these you will find a generic framework with “good practices”. We support our clients in customizing these generic frameworks to comply with individual requirements.

Our Services:

  • Support with the development of security policies
  • Build up an integrated risk management which corresponds with the business goals
  • Describe technical and organizational measures with economic background
  • Build up a stringent and compliant document hierarchy (IT-Security)
  • Create an awareness concept
  • Check the correlation between security policy, technique, procedure and risks
  • Optimise the cost-benefit-ratio of IT-Security measures
  • Ready-to-certification-Check

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