Fraunhofer SIT

The Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT develops innovations that protect information, devices, services and networks. Secure IT solutions are moreover a vital prerequisite not only of a functioning society but also for managing disasters, combating terrorism and fighting organised crime. The Institute’s goal in all its activities is to design security concepts that are as user-friendly as possible by placing human beings in the focus. After all, it is they who must be masters of the technology and not the other way round.

As a specialist in IT security, SIT covers a wide spectrum of relevant technologies and topics. And because the digital world is rapidly converging, IT security questions additionally impact many other IT domains. Alongside purely security-related techniques such as biometrics, Internet security and electronic ID cards, therefore the Institute’s sphere of work also embraces a variety of interdisciplinary technologies. Amongst other things, SIT today considers sensor networks or facility and geodata systems, as well as designing secure solutions in compliance with data protection requirements, for example in the areas of logistics and secure building management.

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